Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ApplicationXtender and Active Directory

I manage an ApplicationXtender server which is used to manage documents for compliance and accounting purposes. We used to work with a local user database but few years back we switched to the AD synced mode which uses the local logged user. This way I win twice: The password is more secure since it is changed by the domain policy AND the user is not prompt with login screen for ApplicationXtender. A rare win win.

My password policy require the users to change their domain password every 3 month. 14 days before due date they start getting these daily reminders.
When a user forget to change it (or just ignore it on purpose) and the 14 days pass all connectivity to any network resources is lost. When the password is changed work is not interrupted and is not affected. Well, this morning I found this to have one exception...

When you change the password for the user while he is logged in ApplicationXtender will not connect. Testing the Data Source connectivity is successful and yet the client hang. Logging off and then logging back with the new password fixes the problem. I agree that it's weird but hey, I didn't write the program...

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