Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yahoo! Mail screen resolution

A user called in with a problem: she can't open her Yahoo! Mail account. She does log in and see the main template, it show "3 unread messages" at the screen title but the messages are not loading.
When I stepped to her desk I noticed that her iexplorer.exe process uses 99% of the CPU. I killed it and asked her to try again. Same problem, same solution. I tried a different approach and used my test account on Yahoo! (I never use it but this is why I keep it). Unlike her, I was able to get a message error (is it because my mailbox is empty?) which provided me with the solution as you can see in the picture.
When I changed her screen settings to 1024 x 768 she had no problems loading her mail. Now it is up to her to decide if she want her 15" monitor to show large fonts with the existing 800 x 600 which she like with no personal mail or change it to the smaller font with Yahoo! Mail working...

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