Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free version of GFI WebMonito for ISA Server

Using ISA Server as a firewall years back and as my Proxy server for the last few years I learned to appreciate GFI's WebMonitor application.
Now it has a FREE version!
If you never tried it before because you did not have the budget or just because you never heard of it, this is the perfect opportunity.
The monitoring provide data that most small shops do not have about WHO and HOW MUCH. If you do not have any bandwidth usage data it will upgrade your capabilities and since it's free it's a win-win.
I'm using the paid version with all 3 scan engines and few rules that block downloads and specified file types. When I've installed the trial on my ISA server 2000 (yeah, many years ago) I had no budget and had to fight for the money. I wish they had this version back then...

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