Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cisco IOS 15.0 - released

Cisco released IOS 15.0. This is the next major release after 12.4. It’s been over 4 years since Cisco has delivered a major release of IOS code - 12.4 was released in May of 2005.
Looking at the list of new features there are few interesting items but none of them appeal to the average SMB.
the one feature we might find useful at the SMB level is Cisco DHCP FORCERENEW which enhances security by providing entity authentication and message authentication.
Before you can consider this new software you have to verify that your hardware is compatible and go over the new features to make sure you really need it.
I guess we won't see this new version anywhere near SMB shops because the cost (both for software and training) doesn't make sense (specially these days) while the added value is limited. But it is still good to be aware and as time pass more and more knowledge will spread around the Internet. Use this knowledge to get familiar with the new IOS because at some point it will find it's way to SMB and you want to be ready for that day.

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