Monday, November 2, 2009

netsh save the day

During the weekend I was working with my development team on a new Oracle based app installation.
The part that interested me was a problem they had getting connections work with our remote backup location. This location has a 2nd Oracle server which we sync to the main production machine in our NY office.
The problem seem to be DNS related and not being able to resolve names from that machine we got stuck with the installation. The fact that it was a weekend installation made our frustration even deeper...

I had to find a way to use different DNS settings per interface, an easy task to do via windows explorer BUT I had to get the application to switch settings per request, only when required.
The requirement: The server should use the default domain DNS settings at all time and change it only while processing this one task (and then switch back).
The affected interface is my NIC2Oracle gigabyte card.
Obviously you can't do it manually out of the test\install environment.
I had to find a way to automate it and this is where netsh came to the rescue.
Using the following command you can set the DNS using cmd:
netsh interface ip set dns "NIC2Oracle" static xx.xx.xx.xx

The problem is that this command is still short because it doesn't set a primary and secondary DNS servers.
To achieve this you have to know that if you want to set a primary and secondary DNS address, add index=1 and index=2 respectively to the lines of netsh command.
Adding index=1 and index=2 at the end of the command above will set it as primary or secondary and allow the change I need using a simple batch. When the specific process is done, another batch with the reverse order can switch it back.
How simple...

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