Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lotus Notes send on behalf of

Today, just as I got ready to leave for the day my CEO popped from nowhere and said "I need your help". Thank you very much!
He walked into his office and asked me to look at his Lotus Notes. One of our sale guys sent an invite to few clients where the CEO was Cc'd but the attachment only showed a pdf icon but had no real file attached to the mail.
Since it was late afternoon in the US and the sales guy leave in London he asked for a solution right here right now and did not want to wait for the next day. My task was simple: Resend those emails from the sales guy's mailbox as if he sent them. Make sure the attachment is there for real.
The reason it the attachment was missing to begin with was the mobile he used to forward it didn't support attachments. Go figure...
Problem with Notes is that you can send on behalf directly from your inbox but to make it look as if the other guy sent it himself, you must have a client configured for him, using his ID file. Since this guy never work in my office I have no such PC.
One way to do it was reconfiguring my own PC to use his ID. I can do it but do not like this path since there is always something with Notes when switching IDs.
Instead, I used the Web Access (I was lucky to have his password). Using Copy\Paste I got the text and addresses to the browser and attached the file too. One important thing to remember is sending with the Send and Save option which save a copy of that mail to his mailbox

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