Monday, August 3, 2009

Verizon – a mystery even they can’t solve

Did you ever work with Verizon? It is not an easy task as Verizon has many departments which are not synchronized with each other so you’re routed from one place to another.
Here is a story I deal with for more then 3 month and the twist from this morning (don’t worry, it is just the beginning)
One of my traders has clients in Europe. He is dialing different countries all over West Europe and its working fine. We also have clients in South America, no problems there. Meddle East is also good and occasionally Asia and no problems there too.
On my end all these call are leaving my AVAYA PBX via Verizon LD (that is Verizon Long Distance, a department within the huge Verizon)
3 month ago this user started complaining that his calls to one country in Europe can’t go through. We dial over 10 times each time before it’s connected and when it finally connect the quality of the line is low.
I opened a ticket with Verizon every other week for 3 month and finally got a call back from their repair department (yes, a different department that has nothing to do with the LD guys)
I was so excited receiving the call that I wasn’t prepared for the surprise that was waiting: the Verizon technician told me that he cannot make the call via the Verizon network too!
Now I’m supposed to be happy that the problem is not on my end, right? WRONG!
He said they couldn’t make the call via Verizon LD and when he switched to a different LD carrier it worked fine. Then he sent me to call Verizon LD and most likely switch my LD service to another vendor!!! Unbelievable

Now part 2 of this story started and if it ever get a closure I’ll be back with all the details

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