Friday, August 14, 2009

Dial-up days

I'm on my vacation and for a week now had no 3G (edited - AT&T can say but the facts are different), hardly had phone reception and even the WiFi suck.
Upstate NY is much nicer and cooler then the city, the weather is great but it is a technology stone age. Dial up but a slow one!
We spent a day on Vermont where locals told me that only 2 cities get 3G and the rest of the state is totally off!!! Yes, Vermont does look as a European haven but even they get Internet everywhere. So AT&T, in case you missed it: Vermont is a state just like NY or California and up-state NY is part of NY state just like NYC (not that the 3G in the city is fast).
The only up side of this is the fact that my office couldn't contact me most of the week so it was a real Out of Office.
I also found ways to get a full evening without browsing :-)

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