Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is it all about?

I'm working as a system administrator for 8 years and covered many topics.
My day to day life is very interesting but sometimes lonely, I do not have a team mate to share my problems, frustrations and victories.
Our Wall St. company managed to survive the financial crisis pretty well but at the same time the money we spend on technology (or anything else) is monitored closer then ever and as the IT Manager (yep, that is the official title) I'm expected to find creative solutions that save money. you might find them interesting and even useful.
I'll use this platform to share my thoughts, problems and solutions, cool tools and gadgets that I use (and my wife doesn't seem to care about) and help other people with their life.
I hope this will become a place for all the lonely admins out there and obviously all team members are more then welcome to read, comment and share their life.

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